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Calling all pork lovers! Our Pork cookbook, from Hachette Book Group includes more than 50 heavenly meals that celebrate the glory of Pig, delicious Pig. 

Pork emphasizes the versatility, deliciousness, and global appeal of “the other white meat.” Five chapters are organized by flavor profile, including American, Bistro, Latin, Chinese and Japanese, and South and Southeast Asian. The recipes are grouped into complete meals featuring a main course of pork with a complementary grain, pasta, salad, or vegetable.

This cookbook encompasses a wide range of techniques for expertly cooking many popular and surprising cuts of pork, from braising, sautéing, roasting, barbecuing, and stewing to serving it encased in soft, warm pasta, buns, or tortillas. Featuring a year’s worth of meals for all occasions, Pork will have cooks of all skill levels salivating.

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