Classic Rock Mistaken Lyrics Coasters

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Ever been caught dad-rocking your restored Trans-Am past a hotel in California? It's not about getting the lyrics right, it's about the feeling, man. Embrace that feeling! Rock it out.

- Set of 6 cork coasters

- Lyrics are laser engraved on 4" cork squares. This classic rock-themed set includes the following:

on a dark desert highway
cool whip in my hair
- Hotel California

got mud on your face
you big disgrace
kicking your cat
all over the place
- We Will Rock You

i’ll never leave
your pizza burnin’
- Beast of Burden

i wanna hold your ham
i wanna hold your ham
i wanna hold your ham
- I Want to Hold Your Hand

there’s a bathroom on the right
- Bad Moon Rising

i’ve got
two chickens to paralyze
- Two Tickets to Paradise