Prism Pack , Jcoco Series 10 Bar Pack

Seattle Chocolate

$ 27.00 USD

Sample all the delectable chocolates that Jcoco has to offer in this 10 pack of decadent 1 oz. bars. Every pack purchased, Jcoco donates 3 servings of food to those in need.

Flavors included: 

  • Boharat Middle Eastern Spice in 60% dark chocolate

  • 85% Dark Single-Origin Peruvian Chocolate

  • Black Fig Pistachio in 72% dark chocolate

  • Orange Blossom Espresso in 60% dark chocolate

  • Noble Dark in 72% dark chocolate with cocoa nibs

  • Cayenne Veracruz Orange in white chocolate

  • Crisp Quinoa Sesame in milk chocolate

  • Edamame Sea Salt in milk chocolate

  • Bali Sea Salt Toffee in milk chocolate

  • Mango Plantain in 43% milk chocolate

Type: Food