Drishti Handmade Proudly Handmade in New Mexico, US Rhodium Plated Topaz Ring


Introducing our Rhodium Plated Topaz Ring from Drishti Handmade collection. We offer all 12 birthstones in your choice of three different metals: copper, rhodium-plate, and gold-plate. A beautiful hand selected raw birthstone crystal has been electroformed onto a dainty band. These are teeny-tiny birthstone stackers perfect for stacking or wearing as a minimal ring. Each stone is unique, just like mother nature made them. No two will be the same so allow for differences between pieces.

    Not seeing your size? Contact us and we'll special order any stone option in any ring size.


    • Hand selected crystal
    • Electroformed
    • Dainty Band
    • Birthstone Crystals

    About Drishti Handmade

    Drishti is a practice in yoga. In meditation or asana, drishti is your eye gaze. Usually it is at your fingertips, or off the tip of your nose or at your bellybutton. But Drishti can be bigger. Energy goes where intention flows. Drishti is our commitment to a goal or a set of intentions. -Andrea Rodgers, Founder and Owner

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