Riddling Rack Table

Riddling Rack Table

This repurposed riddling rack is mounted on a steel base and makes the perfect sofa table when topped with the included glass, or keep the glass topper off for functional wine storage. 

Dimensions: 58"W x 32"T x 14"D

Made with love in Sioux Falls, SD by Prairie Dance

History of the riddling rack
After aging, champagne bottles undergo a process known as riddling (remuage in French). In this stage, the bottles are placed on special racks called pupitres that hold them at a 45° angle, with the crown cap pointed down. Once a day (every two days for Champagne), the bottles are given a slight shake and turn, alternatively on right then left, and dropped back into the pupitres, with the angle gradually increased. The drop back into the rack causes a slight tap, pushing sediments toward the neck of the bottle. In 10 to 14 days (8 to 10 weeks for Champagne), the position of the bottle is straight down, with the lees settled in the neck. (This time can be shortened by moving the bottle more than once a day, and by using modern, less sticky strains of yeast.) Manual riddling is still done for Prestige Cuvées in Champagne, but has otherwise been largely abandoned because of the high labour costs.

$ 413.00

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