"Those We Cannot Hold..." - Garden Stake

Prairie Dance

$ 52.00 USD

My heart is full of the people I cannot hold in my arms: The people who passed on and those who moved away. The list grows on... And when someone leaves my life, these words remind me that they are still close to me and we're only temporarily separated. 

Brand new, and the perfect addition to any garden, lawn or final resting place a loved one lays. Our new line of garden stakes are crafted from a lightweight steel and hand-finished, ensuring a one of a kind patina marbled finish. 

Prairie Dance Garden Stakes are shipped ready to use and require no assembly. All of our products are sealed with a clear coat of polyurethane to protect during handling.

• 15" wide x 12.2" high

Please note: The measurement listed above is the dimensions of the actual design and does not include the height with the integrated garden stake. 

Product Details:
• Lightweight Steel - Magnetic Surface
• Handcrafted - will have slight variations in color
• Patina finish - clear coat of polyurethane to protect
• One-of-a-kind patina patterns/marbling cannot be replicated
• Proudly made in the USA at our studio in Sioux Falls, SD

Outdoor Care - Sun will eventually break down the protective polyurethane coating on our products allowing moisture to come in contact with the steel. Most people choose to let nature take its course and let the steel age naturally. Others choose to preserve the patina by spraying additional coats of polyurethane 2-3 times per year. (Polyurethane spray is available at most hardware stores)