The Best Kitchen Towels


In a world where innovation continually shapes our daily lives, even the simplest of household items can undergo transformative changes. Enter Geometry towels – a collection that's not just functional, but the perfect marriage between form and function. Today, we delve into how these extraordinary textiles have taken our customers, young, old and in-between by storm!.

The Evolution of Everyday Essentials

Towels have long been household staples, serving essential roles in our daily chore routines, mundane as they often are. However, Geometry towels represent an evolutionary leap in both design and utility and yes, remove a bit of dreadfulness from our cleaning routines. These towels boast remarkable qualities that have taken them to a whole new level of exceptional.

Tea Towels: Where it All Started

Our buying team (Terri and Mel at the time) first spotted these towels at the Atlanta Market and it was their design that peaked their interest.  The sales representative touted their function as extremely absorbative and quick drying. The mention of sustainability and transforming two water bottles into these luxuriously soft towels didn’t hurt either!  So, the order was placed with some additional quantities to share with coworkers as a little “thank you” and a day-brightener for the team. 

Shortly after distributing these tea towel wonders, our team’s comments and reviews started to roll in.  The Geometry towels were transforming everyday chores into enjoyable tasks.  Whether it was drying dishes, wiping down countertops, or simply hanging on the towel rack (aka oven door handle!) we were hooked.  Each team member bought more and more and couldn’t help but share with friends, family and customers that dish doing had an upside.

Dishcloths: Small Yet Mighty

Of course, the natural next step was the dishcloth.  In the battle against grime and dirt, dishcloths emerged as true champions. These compact and efficient tools were engineered to tackle even the toughest messes with ease. No one needed convincing that with Geometry dishcloths, cleaning becomes a breeze, as they combine superb absorbency with quick-drying prowess. Bid adieu to flimsy and ineffective options; these dishcloths offer a balance between durability and functionality, ensuring your kitchen remains pristine.

Not Paper Towels: Eco-Friendly Revolution

As you might imagine, paper towel usage here at Sticks and Steel is sky high.  There’s a lot of glass to keep clean and fingerprint free.  Not to mention bottom shelves that may not get cleaned quite as often as they should.  Geometry’s introduction of "Not Paper Towels" was just what we needed to push us towards a greener lifestyle.  Again, the initial order was used in-store and at our team member’s homes.  And again, the reviews for these reusable alternatives to disposable paper towels, was resoundingly positive. The wipe-up was just as efficient as a disposable paper towel however, instead of heading to the garbage can, these towels get rinsed in the sink and set aside to quickly dry.  In most cases, we find they are ready to clean surfaces within 30-60 minutes. The “Not Paper Towel” proves that being conscious of the environment doesn't mean compromising on quality.

New Stars Emerge: Bath Towels and Washcloths

Among the newest of the standout stars in this remarkable line are the bath towels and washcloths. With their recent debut, we immediately knew this new product needed to be in the store! We are so excited for you to try the newest Geometry product and enjoy its ultra-absorbency and crazy astonishingly fast drying towels.  We’re so anxious to hear your thoughts!

Final Thoughts

From elevating your kitchen aesthetics to contributing to a greener lifestyle, these essentials prove that even the most mundane tasks can be turned into joyful experiences through thoughtful design and innovation. Enjoy and spread the word!


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