Our Mom's day gift guide is a staff favorite. Look at our staff page, and you'll see why real quick! A handful of our crew are seasoned and professional mommas. They've done such great work in the mom field that they're now being promoted into grandmother positions. But boy.....they have seen some #$@*!

Collective and condensed thoughts from the moms at Sticks and Steel:
We've gone weeks without sleep. We've been peed on. We've had food spat at us. We've been sassed at by hormonal tweens and teens. The list goes on... In the midst of this chaos, we've also been snuggled. We've been given sloppy kisses and I wuv yous. And once in a while, we even hear a thank you. And somehow, those moments far outweigh pee and teenage angst.....

Show your mom a little extra love on Sunday, May 8th

We take rewarding motherhood extremely seriously. Our staff has been circling the store, and talking about what to include in this year's guide for weeks now. 

We hope you enjoy everything that made the list this year. If we missed your favorite item, let us know in the comments below or add your favorite to our community Wish List

Green leaf shaped vase $74
Green five hole flower frog $15
Pink and green screen printed vase $39
Multi-color, handblown dandelion vase $19
Small Amber vase $42

Garden Gifts
Lauren Butterfly, pot stake $19
Fused glass garden stake $97
Handblown "Motherhood" tree $47 
Spring Flower, pot stake $19

Detail of the "Motherhood" Tree glass ball

Frames with meaning
"We remember the days, and we treasure the moments", Decoupaged Frame $67
"Little moments make big memories", Photo Holder $17
Magnetic frame $24 with "Love" magnet $13

Jewels for Your Gem
Druzy, herkimer diamond, labradorite stones on pyrite chain $124
Silver and gold plate "Mom" necklace $77
Silver heart necklace $69
Gold plate necklace with three cubic zirconias $34

Detail of Druzy necklace by Mickey Lynn Jewelry 

Detail of Mom necklace by Kathy Bransfield
"Mom: one small word filled with so much love"

Detail of Heart necklace by Kathy Bransfield
"My hear is always with you"

Detail of gold plated necklace from Rook & Crow.

Don't forget mom this Sunday! Whether it's one of our unique gifts or breakfast in bed (that's a real thing, right???) show your momma a little extra love. <3 

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