The importance of American Made

July 04, 2015 1 Comment

I could go on and on about economic growth, humanitarianism, and product quality, but I’m not going to. It’s Independence Day! Who wants to hear a bunch of boring stats? Instead, lets talk passion, compassion, and American Made on a much smaller more digestible, number-free scale.

Sticks and Steel started over 15 years ago, with a young momma who had been traveling around the country selling her own home and garden decor - Prairie Dance metal art. On her travels, she was able to experience the works of hundreds maybe thousands of America’s most talented artisans. And being the sharing, caring women she is, Terri Schuver started collecting and selling these national treasures right here in Sioux Falls, SD. 

Terri’s decision to buy and sell exclusively American Made products employs a dozen+ really fabulous people, helps stimulate our local economy, and has since been enriching the lives of our customers by introducing them to unique designs and fine craft they wouldn’t normally have access to.

(SnS staff members! Our bold leader is the fabulous lady in the animal print.) 

Each distinct product that leaves Sticks and Steel supports one of the hundreds of American artisans/small business owners we carry. Many of those artisans have galleries of their own, and they carry Terri’s metal art, too! (American Made and American Craft are small close knit communities, and VERY interested in helping one another succeed.)

(Every product counts. Here's a packing note from one of our glass artists.)

Nothing is more satisfying than providing products crafted with heart to folks who truly appreciate them.

Now, lets throw back a drink, and watch some fireworks. Happy Independence day, All!

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December 17, 2015

that you are still accepting aristts who wish to sell works at the Tulista centre. I have shown in the past and would like to show again if there is still room for pottery and smallish paintings. Currently I am working on some jewelry and may have some ready in late July. If you still have room, I would like to show it also.Thanks,Sophia Morrison

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