Happy Turkey Day!

November 25, 2015 Sticks and Steel

Our crew can't wait for tomorrow! We're closing down the shop to be with our families and savor some of our favorite Turkey Day traditions. Today our staff members share their most loved Thanksgiving traditions. Do any of them sound familiar?

Left to right: 
M: Lunch is my family's biggest meal of the day, which is great, but I really love the leftover turkey sandwiches in the evening. Nothing beats a plain white bun, leftover turkey, and good ole iceberg lettuce. Total ritual. 

Terri: My mom isn't going to read this, right? I have to confess. The pre-thanksgiving pasta party we have with dear friends is my favorite part of Thanksgiving. We've kept the tradition going for 20 years! 

Diane: Ever since I was a kid...since my family's first television, I've loved watching the Macy's Day Parade. It's something I still do every year, and the floats are just as amazing as when I was a kid.

Monie: I have 21 grandkids and as you can imagine its tough getting all of them together, but on Thanksgiving I'm guaranteed to see at least half of them. This year 14 of them will make it! :D

Left to Right: 
Kristi: My family and I take a trip the River View Christmas Tree Farm in Canton. We pick out our family's tree and my hubby chops it down. He's our lumber jack!

Carly: I get to see entire family. And my mom makes a layered casserole out of Thanksgiving leftovers. Yum!

Jackie: I'm in charge of making my favorite dish--strawberry pretzel salad! I only make it once a year and my whole family looks forward to it. 

So after you've spent Thanksgiving in your favorite way Sticks and Steel invites you to...... Skip the Crazy. ;-)

While mobs of folks are jammed up in traffic, aggressively searching out the deals, and jumping from one long line to another; take the slow, civilized road. Sleep in. Lounge in your jammies. Heck, perfect pancake art! Then, when you're good and ready, head downtown and enjoy a cup of coffee with us.

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