Father's Day Gift Guide

You're not too late!  We're stocked on all of the gifts Dad never knew he wanted. Keep scrolling to see a few of our favorite gift ideas! 

You Sir Ceramic Dishette"You Sir" ceramic dish, $27
Hand-turned Pen, $78 (Made with love in Sioux Falls)
Wine scented candle, $36 

Sneaker Kit, $22
Leather Front Pocket Wallet, $56
Sassy Tie Clips, $30 each

Charcoal Shoe Shine Kit, $27

Dad's Playbook, $13
Hand-turned Antler Pen, $64 (Made with love in Sioux Falls)
Leather Notebook Protector + Field Notes, $37 

Whiskey Chilling Stone Set, $37
Recycled Beer Bottle Glasses, $24 each

Mistaken Lyrics Coasters, Set of 4, $27

See something you like? Stop in or give us a call—(605) 335-7349!
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