Our Favorite Gifts for Mom
Your little momma wears A LOT of hats. Don't forget to show your appreciation this Sunday.... and every day for that matter. ;) If you're short on worthy gift ideas, we suggest scrolling through our handy-dandy gift guide. ;) 

"home is where mom is" spunky fluff sign, mother's day card, fused glass nail file, bird dish, sugarfina champagne bears, gift certificate

1. "Home is where mom is" lightweight wood sign, $15.50
2. Mini Bird Bowl, a ceramic dish perfect for rings and small treasures, $12
3. Sticks and Steel gift certificate, the perfect gift every time! never expires, available in any amount.
4. Fused, Czech Glass Nail File, beautiful and practical, $17-$22
5. Champagne Gummy Bears, infused with Dom Perignon, $9
6. Sassy or sentimental greeting cards


1. Orange Kyanite Necklace with Zircon Beads, $79
2. Druzy Petal Necklace with Labradorite and Herkimer Diamond Charms, $127
3. Sapphire Necklace with Zircon Beads, $74
4. "Hey Beautiful" Ceramic Tile Mirror, $17
5. "Don't Let Idiots Ruin Your Day" Ceramic Wall Tile, $11
6. Labradorite Bezel Set Ring, $122
7. "Love You More" Sterling Silver Necklace with Garnet Charm, $84
8. Girlfriend Leather Wrap Bracelet and Necklace, $47


Hand crafted wood, glass, and ceramic vases

1. Ceramic Slab Made Vase, $17
2. Mini Wood Carved Vase with Glass Tube, $10
3. Mini Blown-glass "Mom's" Vase, $21
4. Three Bottle Reclaimed Wood Vase, $82
5. Handprinted Cedar Planter, Available in multiple colors and sizes, $25-$29


1. Blown-glass Bird Feeder, several colors available, $47
2. Blown-glass Hummingbird Feeder, several colors available, $47
3. Handcrafted Hardwood Bird Home, three designs available, $132


1. Hand-painted Copper Lady Bug, garden stake included, $34
2. Self-watering Herb Kit, $32
3. "Tiny Tabletop Gardens" a how-to for super-small gardens, $21.95
4. Copper Rain Gage, $54
5. Pollinator Push Garden, seed mixes that attract pretty pollinators: butterflies, hummingbirds, and bees, $9
6. Fused-Glass Garden Stakes, $22


1. "Sun and Moon" Sterling Silver and Diamond Necklace by Saundra Messinger, $699
2. "Skeeball" Crystal Earrings by Patricia Locke, $69
3. Chunky Freshwater Pearl and Sterling Silver Ring by Lily Barrack, $284
4. Sterling Silver Cupped Pearl Pendant Necklace by J+I, $87
5. Marianne Crystal and Fresh Water Pearl Bracelet Set, Available in multiple colors, $99
6. Hand-dyed Scarf by Fig & Bella, 26"x80", More colors and patterns available, $92

These products are going fast so hurry in or give us a call—605-335-7349.


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