Come play in the dirt! Gayla Sittner, Sticks and Steel's very own horticulture specialist, is sharing her tips on creating the perfect patio pots!

This easy-peasy workshop requires zero skill… just the desire to soak up a little sun, play with some plants and be around a group of fun-loving women. You’ll receive beautiful plants, a little guidance, and any other materials you need to make your patio masterpiece. 

This class is all about you and a little girlfriend time. We’re requesting all attendees be 21+.

Mimosas, a light snack, and a $25 gift certificate towards Prairie Dance planters included in class fee. 

All of our high-quality gardening supplies, plants, and soil are purchased through our friends at Landscape Garden Center!


Reserve your spot for a shade pot or full-light pot here by Thursday, May 2nd at midnight. Seats are limited. 


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