When it comes to Valentine's Day, we have it all—sweet, sparkly, and poetic. Here's a tiny taste of what's in-store!

The Sweetest

DeBrand Fine Chocolates and "642 Things About You (That I Love)"
Literally and figuratively... Our beautifully packaged, gourmet chocolates from DeBrand Fine Chocolates are simply the best. Prices range from $3.50+, so you can make these sweet treats the main event or an addition to something grander. 

The heart melting book pictured on the right, "642 Things About You (That I Love)", may be the single most romantic gift ever. EVER. This quirky, $10 journal includes 642 writing prompts, like, "The dish you learned to cook just for me", "Your real life superhero quality", "Three and a half times you've changed my mind about something".

Hint: Fill out a few writing prompts before gifting. After gifting, share the writing tasks. Assign yourself one ink color, and your significant other a different ink color. Smile, giggle, and smooch your way through each prompt.  

The Most Challenging

Puzzle Keepsake Boxes by Heartwood Creations
Heartwood Creation's beautifully crafted keepsake boxes double as puzzles. We carry several box sizes and shapes ranging from $19-$64. Each box contains its own mystery—shake, tap, slide, and/or use magnet play to see the wonders inside. We provide the box. You provide the wonder... actually, we can do that too! The next section contains so many sparkly wonders. Keep reading. 

The Awe Inspiring 

Brass & Pyrite 
by Larissa Loden $29
Silver Plate & Cz 
by Rook+Crow $42
Sterling Charms & Chains 
by Luxe Designs $108
Druzy, Lab, and Herkimer
by Mickey Lynn $127
Gold Plate & Swarovski Crystal 
by Patricia Locke $191
Sterling Silver & Pearl
by Jennifer Walsh $244

We offer hundreds of unique necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings—all created by some of the nation's most recognized designers and craftsmen. Girly, glam, conservative, bohemian, minimal—whatever your gal's style, our team will find a necklace in her taste and as distinctive as she is. 

Hint: Show your lady how well you know her by avoiding any heart shaped jewelry.

The Most Poetic

Original Tabletop Paintings by Ginger Leigh
Original Tabletop Paintings by Ginger Leigh
Heart $47 and XO $57
"Sun and Moon" Wall Art by Prairie Dance
"Sun and Moon" by Prairie Dance 
24"x 24"
"The Sun Is Up" Wall Art by Sugarboo
"The Sun Is Up" by Sugarboo 
2- 36" x 36" Panels

Give your Love a daily reminder of your admiration. We have a myriad of wall art that is themed around loving sentiments from writers like A.A. Milne, The Beatles, and F. Scott Fitzgerald. 


See something you like? Give us a call—605-335-7349. We will gladly ship anywhere in the US. South Dakota residents, stop in and see our entire selection of artful, American made Valentine's gifts. 


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