Vikings-Tiny Word Magnet Set

Spunky Fluff

$ 13.00 USD

Make a favorite photo, fridge, locker and more, shine with our coordinated Tiny Word Magnet packages.

One Tiny Word Magnet, three color coordinated functional dot magnets = one super cute photo display!

Note: Your Tiny Word magnet and dots will come in an assortment of the two colors you choose.

Material Details:
• All Tiny Word measure approx. 5" wide, .25"D and .75" to 1" Tall
• Tiny Word Magnets are cut from a sturdy, carpenter-grade 1/4" birch plywood
•  Small Dot Magnets have a diameter of .75" and are cut from 1/8" birch plywood
• Priced and sold as a packaged set of 1 Tiny Word and 3 Small Dot Magnets
•  All magnets designed and hand painted at our studio in South Dakota