Artist Feature: Larissa Loden

Meet Larissa the fabulous Midwest designer behind Larissa Loden Jewelry.  Larissa's eco-conscious pieces are handcrafted from vintage, up-cycled, and recycled components she finds on her worldly travels. Some of the treasures you might find hidden in her jewelry are children's books, vintage atlases, license plates, dead-stock gemstones from the 60s, and beads she's gathered at flea markets far and wide. Each piece of jewelry is made by hand in her adorable Saint Paul, MN studio.

Small business was the life blood of Larissa's family growing up.  She was raised in her parents' NY based mom-and-pop shop, so it was no surprise at all when Larissa launched Lefthand Originals, her very first business venture.  This seven-year play in jewelry making helped her hone her jewelry making techniques from moulding resin to metal smithing. 

In 2011 Larissa entered the the Minneapolis based event, Voltage: Fashion Amplified.  This event changed her trajectory and empowered her to rebrand and scale her business to a new level.  Larissa Loden Jewelry was born.  Now, this proud mama, girl boss, designer extraordinaire is selling her wares to galleries across the country and investing tens of thousands of dollars back in her community through Cookie Cart, a non-profit that gives teens the opportunity to develop foundational skills and tools to be successful in education and career.

Sticks and Steel could not be more proud to carry Larissa's St. Paul, MN made jewelry!  

See our entire Larissa Loden Jewelry collection here.  

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