Meet Beth Aimee

Hey Friends! Friday, August 4, is 1ST FRIDAY!  For the occasion, we are doing a trunk show that will feature...

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Unveiling the Beauty of Dock 6 Pottery

Nestled in the vibrant city of Minneapolis, Minnesota, lies an extraordinary pottery studio that has captured the hearts of art...

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Small Business Saturday! Delicious Day Jewelry

Meet Jill and Diane!  The amazingly talented creators of Delicious Day Jewelry.

Delicious Day Jewelry creates artful goodies that are affordable, light in weight, and are one of a kind. 

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Artist Feature: Steve Bormes

Meet Steve Bormes!  His fantastical Sioux Falls, SD made sculptures and lighting can be found in galleries and collections across the country!  
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Artist Feature: Paul Schiller

Meet Paul Schiller!  His awe-inspiring nature photographs grace Midwest galleries and health care facilities across the region.
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Aritst Feature: Ashka Dymel

Meet Ashka Dymel!  Her swoon worthy designs and colorful semi-precious stone components are the pinnacle of any artist jewelry collectors assemblage.
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