Artist Feature: Paul Schiller

Meet Paul Schiller!  His awe-inspiring nature photographs grace Midwest galleries and health care facilities across the region.

Photography has always been Paul's greatest passion. He started his creative career as a photojournalist before dedicating decades to his award-winning advertising career. Now, true to his roots, Paul has returned to his love of fine art nature photography. He and his wife, Koni, run Acts of Nature®, an innovative imaging company specializing in "interior landscaping." 

In addition to his own photography business, Schiller has partnered with the Sioux Falls Sculpture Walk and Sticks and Steel to create a special line of products in honor of the newly constructed Arc of Dreams. Together Paul and Sticks and Steel are donating 10% of each sale to the Sioux Falls Sculpture Walk.

While his photography interests vary, Paul is especially fond of macro nature photography because of an endless supply of beautiful and changing subjects. "I have gained a newfound appreciation for the little details found just beyond my back door. Vivid colors, intricate designs, delicate softness, the play of light and texture. It's all there for us to enjoy if we only stop and look. I hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoy photographing it."

See our entire collection of Paul's work here.


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