Pick Box: Saundra Messinger

Our Saundra Messinger Jewelry​ pick box is here! "What is a pick box?" you ask. Well, a pick box is the greatest form of snail mail EVER.  Artists send us boxes of new product that we've never carried before....products that we have NOT paid for.  We get to try on all of the goodies, pay for what we like, and send the rest back! Pretty slick. 

Anyway, one of our favorite pick boxes just arrived....

Saundra Messinger's works are VERY exclusive. Rather than meeting her at market (our typical buying scene), we call to set up a private showing in her boutique hotel room. The experience always makes us feel like we're in the inner circle....very cool. ;) Sadly, our schedules didn't quite mesh this year, sooo our secret meeting didn't happen. Waa waa....

Not to fear tho! She sent us a magical bit of mail-- a pick box with her new fall/holiday jewelry! 

There are so many sterling and diamond lovelies to choose from. Please, help us decide. What do you think is a MUST for the store?! Let us know what you love in the comments. 

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