As soon as we unpacked these vivid, bold baubles, the staff flocked to the storeroom to pickout their favorites.

It's a ritual we have with certain artists....the flocking to the storeroom. (We love ALL of our artists, but some we've loved, and carried, and followed for years, and have a passionate attachment to....) One artists we feel passionately about is our dear friend SHAUNE BAZNER. We've been together for the better part of 10 years. <3

Shaune is one of America’s leading fashion jewelry artists and innovators. She has been creating timeless jewelry and accessory designs that appeal to all styles, from the Los Angeles trendy to the Midwest conservative and the New York City chic.

During our last circuit of markets, M' had the opportunity to ask Shaune a few questions. Play to learn about Shaune's interesting start in the world of fashion jewelry. 

To see our online collection of Shaune Bazner's work click here. We think you'll love it as much as we've loved it all these years!

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