It's the biggest gift giving time of the year. Who would be better to interview now than jewelry artist, Kathy Bransfield? No one! 

M had the privilege of chatting with the very lovely, humble, talented, Miss Bransfield. Click play above to hear Kathy's candid tellings of family, inspiration, and challenging beginnings. 

"Be fearless -- Choose Love." One of Kathy's very first necklace designs. 

"Where ever you are it is your friends who make your world."-William James

"Remember that you are loved"  -Evelyn McCormick



Kathy sprouted in the backbone of America’s Midwest; Cincinnati Ohio, where she spent her childhood outside climbing trees, fishing for bluegill, and pursuing any and all craft projects that came her way.

At the age of 13, she befriended a man from Nigeria who was selling African trade beads at a flea market. That began an obsession that started her on her jewelry path. Having attended the prestigious School for the Creative and Performing Arts, she left home at 15 and began selling her wears to finance her travels across the country while following the band The Grateful Dead. 


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