Artist Feature: Michael & The Macone Family

Meet the Macones!  This uber-talented, multi-faceted family manages to work harmoniously while create a broad range of artisan gifts and home accents. 

Spooner Creek, the Macone’s amazing family endeavor, started decades ago with ring leader Michael Macone.  Michael was planning to be a painter until one of his pottery instructors exposed him to all the wonders of clay. Macone enrolled in Layton School of Art in Milwaukee, and created one of a kind clay art and exhibited throughout the country dragging his young family with him, winning many awards along the way.

Now Michael, his wife Rebecca, their children and grandchildren all play a hand in the family gift shop/gallery, music venue, cafe, and working pottery studio in Shell Lake, Wisconsin.  Here, at the Macone's idyllic artisan compound, patrons can try their own hand at pottery and other creative pursuits and see how all of the Macone's handmade gifts and decor items are made.

Sticks and Steel is proud to share the work of this beautiful family.  See our entire collection of Spooner Creek here. 

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